Senior Sessions

In Accordance with Government Guidlines all seesions are presently suspended. 


 Another Good Year for the Senior Blackhawks

The Senior section of the Club held their Annual Awards Ceremony at Sutton Green Gold CLub on Friday 7th June. Compared by retiring Senior Section Chairman, Rick(Old Dog) reflected back on another good year for the  Section with over 60 players competing in the four squads at all levels in the Wessex League.

The Hunters won the Warriors tornament competing against the Army and South Bucks, with Rhys and James putting on a stunning show of three point shooting.

Three of the four squads progressed to the Wessex League play-off semi finals , although none made it to the finals.

Rick thanked the Senior Committee in particular Coaches Dan , Rick and Annabelle for thei support and is confident that in the hands of the new Senior CHairman Dan North the Seniors will conitnue to progress.

The Awards presnted during the evening were -




Blackhawk Ladies

Most Valuable Player

Lisa Bhaura


Best Newcomer

Aleena Sahi


Most Improved

Laetitia Retzepter

Blackhawk Thunder B's

Most Valuable Player

Raul Villta Vila


Most Improved

Aaron Watts


6th Man

Oscar Brown


Coaches' Player of the Season

Alex Ingram

Blackhawk Thunder A's

Most Valuable Player

Diogo Costa


Most Improved

Matt Bromley


6th Man

Peio Gonzalez


Coaches' Player of the Season

Cleberson Pansera

Blackhawk Hunters

Most Valuable Player

Dan Marshall


Top Scorer

Jonathon Teagles


Team Player

Nick Sammut

Rick Reminded everybody that the Club AGM will be held on the 24th June at Windston Churchill School Sports Centre startin at 20:00


Senior Basketball

Woking Blackhawks aim to provide an inclusive environment that provides opportunities for players of all standards to train and compete


For the 2018/19 season the ladies are being coached by Annabelle Hardiman and managed by Helen Price.

The Ladies train at Woking College on Wednesdays except when there are games.

Ladies compete in Wessex Basketball Ladies Division 1 and the Richard Bell Ladies Cup 

For Infomation on Ladies Basketball please Contact Helen by Clicking Here


Under the control of Head of Seniors Rick Lansdell.
For the 2018/19 season there will be 3 senior men squads.


Hunters - to compete in Wessex Basketball Association Division 1
Thunder A. - to compete in Wessex Division 2

Thunder B. - to compete in Wessex Division 3

For more information on the individual squads please see the squad pages.


All players must complete a registrations form and arrange payment of £36/month subs. SUbs cover all training and game fees.

CLick Here to download the Senior Player registration form, please complete and return it to the squad coach
If you are interested in playing or just want some information please email Martin by or call on 07785 928614


Coronavirus Update 27/07/20

Basketball England Announced today that the Green Light has been given by the UK Government for progression to Level 2 from August 3.  See full announcement by clicking here

Whilst this does not mean immediate return to play, it does allow plans to be made with the various venues for sessions to resume when the halls become available


2018/19 Final League Positions.

Wessex Leagues
Division one Division Two Open Div Three    Ladies Div One

If you're interested in playing the Club Welcomes new members pleasClick Here for more information