Three Wins in Three Days for the Seniors

Ladies 49:48 Chiltern Fusion

Hunters 85:46 Farnborough Phantoms

Thunder 71:52 Basingstoke Blizzards 2

THe Blackhawk Senior squads finished the week off with three wins in Three days which put the Hunters and Ladies at the top of their Divisions and the Thunder in 3rd place in Division 3. The Ladies started off with a tight game against Chiltern with overtime only being avoided by a Woking basket in the final seconds.

The Hunters did not make the same mistake as in their away game to Phantoms and produced a dominate peformance winning by 39 points. With a full bench with everybody contributing to the victory Coach Knode had a massive smile on his face at the end. Their next game is against undefected South Buck at the College next Thursday

Finally Thunder cruised to a 19 point win over a highly competitive second placed Basingstoke. Coah Bagwell had rested himself for the game but still had a full bench from his highly enhusiastic squad

Go Backhawks

Wessex League Tables at 09/02/18

Open Divison 1

Ladies Division 1

Open Divison 3